Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unemployment Benefits Extended

It seems like the Bushmeister had second thoughts on his Fiscal irresponsibility decision and did the right thing.............

"This morning (Nov 21) President Bush signed the unemployment benefits extension into law, according to the White House. The legislation extends emergency unemployment compensation to 20 weeks, and gives additional help to residents of states with high unemployment rates."


  1. Bush was making one last play to "his base" with his initial rejection of the extention... then he realized he didn't have a base anymore, and did the right thing. Two groups of people who don't discriminate are alcoholics and drug addicts, because they will generally party with whoever is buying and/or partaking. So undoubtedly, Bush has drank and sniffed coke with some poor folks at some time. I think his heart for them is genuine, just not as strong as his desire for a place in history. He will probably go on to be a great ex-president like Carter now that the show is over.

  2. Great Ex president....that I want to see.

  3. W is a lame duck. He has 0 pull right now. He is dodging shoes and what not.