Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I had the pleasure to see Stevie perform in my hometown of Raleigh NC this past Thursday (11/29)......What a treat
I was in the presence of musical greatness. Stevie arrived on stage led by his daughter and back-up singer Aisha @ 8:20 (50 minutes after original start time) But I've seen Stevie before and Stevie has always been late, that is the way Stevie rolls.
He gave a short talk giving thanks to God and thanking the surgeon in Winston-Salem (NC) that that helped to save his life in 1973 when a log fell off a truck and struck Stevie in the head. He then started singing "Love's In Need of Love Today", then broke into songs from Innervisions in sequence it was like listening to the album but live and in living color :soundsgood: :soundsgood: Stevie sang songs from Talking Book, Songs From The key Of Life...etc He also did a bit where he was on the keyboards and used a "Voicebox and started a name-that-tune interlude, during which Stevie played bits of the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, P-Funk he had the crowd rocking
Did I say he played 150 minutes Of course he sang my most favorite song in the world "Ribbon In Th Sky"... My only regret is that he did not sing but one song from his Time to Love CD (incorporating "What the Fuss" into "Superstition" doesn't count)
Stevie's voice IMO, has not changed not one iota, He can still do things (with his voice) that normal humans just can't do. He was/is simply amazing. If he comes any where near your hometown I suggest that you go see him you will not be disappointed.