Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Huxtables are going to the Whitehouse

The Huxtables are going to the Whitehouse!!! I'm sure everyone has seen Barbara Walters interview with the president-elect and his wife. The Obama's are the modern day Huxtables going to the Whitehouse. Their every move will be chronicled and dissected so they might as well be on TV just like Bill's famous family.
Remember the controversy when Cosby's show was on, that they weren't indicative of black families both were successful and their relationship was to cutesy and not real......well black folks knew all along that there were families that mirrored the Huxtables, that is, having two working parents and raising know a real honest to goodness black nuclear family.
The most important thing we found out from the interview is Barack won't be getting a little yappy-girlie dog!!! he is going to get a "Big Rambunctious" dog....translation "a manly dog!!!! too funny
One thing for me is; I get the sense that Barack believes in the adage "Lead By Example" that is good thing. We have had enough of the lazy-white-boy-peter-principle leadership.Hopefully that cycle is broken.
Let the Huxtables lead......................

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unemployment Benefits Extended

It seems like the Bushmeister had second thoughts on his Fiscal irresponsibility decision and did the right thing.............

"This morning (Nov 21) President Bush signed the unemployment benefits extension into law, according to the White House. The legislation extends emergency unemployment compensation to 20 weeks, and gives additional help to residents of states with high unemployment rates."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bush "Fiscally Irresponsible"

George Bush says that extending the unemployment benefits for the millions out of work is "fiscally irresponsible".....see here bush
Wait a minute....stop, hold the press, the Bushmeister is all for bailing out Wall Street and possibly the big three auto companies but you and me he has a problem with!!!! Jan 20 can't come quick enough to get his "ass" out of office.
I have been on unemployment twice in my work career and the second time in 2001 it was a life saver as I couldn't buy a job. The nerve of bush who has never wanted for anything whose family name has provided for everything he ever wanted to deny common folks like you and me an extension of "life-saving" benefits while in the same breath save Wall-street Big-wigs......can you spell Hypocrite....I have no words

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama- We're a Winner

I can not explain how emotional this was for me. Change has truly come to America. This song by Curtis Mayfield "We're A winner" will be my theme song till the end of the year.

Sunday, November 2, 2008