Monday, February 9, 2009

Is Marion Barry Going to Jail?

Marion the "B&* Set me Up" Barry may be going to jail. The ex-crackhead for whatever reasons doesn't want to file his taxes in a timely manner. The IRS ain't taking that to kindly.
Prosecuters want Barry to go to Jail
Maybe he was set up......."8" times.....I don't think so. Didn't Marion get the memo...taxes must be paid on time, but wait, he's a Democrat. Democrats don't pay taxes....ask Pres Obama!! Lets see if the ex mayor has enough political capital to keep him out of jail

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Democrats Don't pay taxes

Apparently the democrats don't like paying taxes Obama's Picks. Daschle is the third Obama nominee to have tax paying problems. Daschle, Keiller, Geithner......Whats up with that?
This is just fodder for the repubs...The're now asking what's wrong with Obama's vetting process, Obama can't have it both ways.....yada,yada
I have to admit that is is becoming problematic for Obama. You can't tout integrity and then capitulate to your nominees because your picks show a lack of integrity. I personally have a problem with that. I pay my taxes why not them????