Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Democrats Don't pay taxes

Apparently the democrats don't like paying taxes Obama's Picks. Daschle is the third Obama nominee to have tax paying problems. Daschle, Keiller, Geithner......Whats up with that?
This is just fodder for the repubs...The're now asking what's wrong with Obama's vetting process, Obama can't have it both ways.....yada,yada
I have to admit that is is becoming problematic for Obama. You can't tout integrity and then capitulate to your nominees because your picks show a lack of integrity. I personally have a problem with that. I pay my taxes why not them????


  1. Obama's issue reminds me that the Children of Israel had to fight more wars more often "after" they got into the promise land. I think he let his guard down too much and became too trusting over night.

    As far as Dems paying taxes, they are in the limelight, so what was previously in the shadows is exposed. I don't think the republicans pay taxes either... but they aren't the focus right now. If Obama fully vetted everyone, Michelle would have to take about six cabinet posts 'cause there would be no one left.

  2. i know you are right but it just grates on my nerves that due to greed and irresponsibility that they are making Obama look bad. Not only that, what gives them the right to not pay the tax? I pay mine, if I didn't I would be under the jail. It give the naysayers an inroad.