Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 days and Going Strong

The O-man is going strong!!! So how is he doing.... If you listen to the re-thuglicans Obama has done nothing right.....but what do they know? They are trying to to push Jindal, Steele and Palin,in the "My Minority is better than your Minority" category. In the "Old White Guys" category they have Limbaugh, there is a gruesome twosome for you. To top it off they are propagating the policy of "Just Say No" or Nothing Obama does is correct. I'm sure that will pull in a lot of votes...........not!!!!
Well according to PolitiFact, a Web site that has been keeping track of Obama's campaign promises, reports that Obama has kept 27 promises, compromised on seven, broken six, stalled on three, has 67 in the works and has yet to take action on another 408.
Those are the cold,hard facts.
Personally I think he is doing an outstanding job considering all of the problems he is facing. I no longer cringe when the president speaks like I did under the Busmeister. But more than that I am quite proud of The O-man, he and his wife are representing persons of color quite well. I only hope that just by being in that position (the Presidency) that he inspires little black children and their families to take education more seriously after all "A Mind is a Terrible Thing To waste!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15 tax day or if you are a Republican its teabag day

So here we go again, the Republicans the consumate party of "NO" are having what they call tea bag protest. Really!!!
What the hell are they thinking............check out the true meaning of their little protest.