Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bush "Fiscally Irresponsible"

George Bush says that extending the unemployment benefits for the millions out of work is "fiscally irresponsible".....see here bush
Wait a minute....stop, hold the press, the Bushmeister is all for bailing out Wall Street and possibly the big three auto companies but you and me he has a problem with!!!! Jan 20 can't come quick enough to get his "ass" out of office.
I have been on unemployment twice in my work career and the second time in 2001 it was a life saver as I couldn't buy a job. The nerve of bush who has never wanted for anything whose family name has provided for everything he ever wanted to deny common folks like you and me an extension of "life-saving" benefits while in the same breath save Wall-street Big-wigs......can you spell Hypocrite....I have no words

1 comment:

  1. U mad?

    W has run a lot of businesses into the ground as a young whipper snapper.

    Of course, the economy would be mismanaged.

    We shouldn't have even been surprised.

    That is the sad part about it.