Saturday, September 13, 2008

Too Much to Talk About

Unbelievable amount of news, Politics, Hurricanes, music.
Can you believe the pick of Sarah Palin??? Did you see the kid glove interview that the closet republican Charlie Gibson did on ABC? He talked to her like she was in grade school. She didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was..WTF. She is Pro-life, and feels that that Roe vs Wade should be overturned. Her state is next to Russia and that gives her foreign-relations experience. To top it off people are actually buying this garbage....Unbelievable!!!! She says she is ready....ready for what???
Truth in politics is now more of a joke than ever. My now favorite site is Please frequent this site for some truth in all of the political spin.
IKE ain't playing, why people want to test it is beyond me???
Music news
Bet has a decline in viewer ship (That is good news) less youth being poisoned by that garbage and Reginald Hudlin resigns ( remember he tried to bring "Hot Ghetto Mess" to television) like we needed to see that....NOT. full article href="http://"


  1. All I can say is, can you imagine if that Palin daughter had been Chelsea or even one of the Obama girls? The dirt would be flying all over ... Now, I don't say that it is a crime for a teenage girl to get pregnant; it will happen again and again. But elevating such a thing to almost a virtue is way over the top. This is not our regular teenage pregnancy ... This girl has all the help she can get -- without asking for food stamps, so it's not difficult for her to opt against an abortion.
    To me abortion (although only in the early stages) should be left to a woman's decision. Although I am catholic, I do not accept the Pope's definition of the beginning of life. No one really knows when life starts ... and before I don't have scientific proof, I decide on my own. I don't want the pope or the president or the governor to pretend they know what they don't. All they do is b e l i e v e in a certain theory. That's it.
    In my opinion, Sarah Palin's outstanding qualification is her ability to make snide (yet not highly intelligent) remarks on someone who actually is intelligent and educated and cultivated. I am afraid, though, we'll end up with another team of low IQ/ high popularity folks in the White House. If Barack Obama refuses to stoop down to their level, I will only respect the man more for doing so -- even if we lose the election.

  2. I can disagree not one iota. The RNC are masters at deception, lies and diversion. What bothers me most is the way they are lining up like sheep behind her.