Thursday, September 25, 2008

Politcs - High Drama

McBush trying his best to appear presidential is now holding the debate hostage issung the edict that he will only debate if congress will agree on the bailout. Here we go again, Mcain grandstanding, being political and trying his best to one-up his better (not peer). The old-man is killing me with his constant ploys. First he is employing what I call Piniccho politics by stretching the truth at every opportunity (you can actually see his nose growing), now he is going to suspend his campaign so that he can go to Washington and work on the "bailout". Ok what exactly is he going to do? He is not part of the commitee, so what's the plan??
Then there is the timeline issue, who called whom first? Barack says he reached out to to Mcain and he (McCain) didn't return his phone call until later on in the day. Apparently they talked but according to Barack he wasn't aware of McCain stopping everything and wanting to put off the debate........What the hell is going on??
The first thing that comes to my mind is the song "Backstabbers" McCain at his best.
Mcain was rescued by his friend Bush by being invited to the White-house for a meeting today Thursday 25th. Ok so now we know one thing that McCain will be doing. What will he do next.............. probably thinking up another Pinocchio moment to tell the people.


  1. Hi ((Gua))! You know that the rich and the powerful stick together. Don't you? That's why Mr. Bush (oil millionaire) helps Mr. McCain (beer millionair). And
    that's exactly why there will be tax cuts under a McCain presidency -- for incomes over $250 000, of course.
    McCain is afraid to actually talk facts. That's why he "opts" out of the debate. Money and friends in the right places create options galore.

    I love me some O'Jays!!!! lol

  2. That is also why a Rothchild defected over to the republicans. She actually had the nerve to call Obama elite......coming from one of the oldest and richest american families....unbelievable.

  3. Oh, he is elite in a sense: he's made it on his brains and perseverance -- something the "old money" people don't know.
    But what really, really angers me is that there is so much money availble for the bank bailout. One should think that a dollar or two could have spent on health care problems ... I don't get.
    I also hope that this time these arrogant but incompetent CEO's have to pay their dues ...