Sunday, May 30, 2010

Domestic/Ecological Terror - The Oil Spill

Who would have thought that the US would have to be more concerned by the domestic terrorism of corrupt companies such as BP. Clearly their quest for oil/dollars is why we are now suffering the greatest domestic ecological disaster in our history.
President Obama's presidency is now threatened by perceived lack of clear response to this catastrophe. A failed attempt
Here again the lack of ethical standards seduced & subverted by the pursuit of the bottom line has caused the worst oil spill in our short-lived history. Worst Ecological Disaster
Of course this follows the near collapse of Wall street and corrupt banks and traders....."Domestic terrorism" aka "corrupt corporate culture" seduced by "Greed", consequences be damned!! Shareholder value and increased bottom line is the only mantra that is followed, hence here we are; oil spill, no jobs, two wars and and teabaggers.....a recipe for "Domestic Terror"


  1. wow, very well put.. economic terrorism.. has been in effect in various ways since the beginning of the history of this country...we should be stewards of the earth and it's resources - not pillagers!

  2. I think the term "terrorism" is being overused. The oil spill is, in my opinion, an accident that could have been avoided. Negligence and incompetence have led to this catastrophic event.
    And let's face it, if we, the consumers wouldn't create the high demand for oil, companies wouldn't have to drill for it in such risky places ...
    To me this is a case of mislabeled self-destructive behavior rather than economic terrorism.