Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pay cuts, layoffs, the tribulations of the working class

Here in NC we are experiencing a recession as bad as the great depression, so saith the economist worst recession
We are one of those states that has a law that the budget must be balanced therefore our newly elected Governor Beverly Perdue has instituted pay cuts for all state employees as well as initiating non-paid furloughs.
Being one of those state workers, why the hell do we have to bear the burden, Dam don't we give enough? But Gua shouldn't you be happy you have a job and not be layed off? Yeah, but I sure don't have to be happy about having a pay cut.State workers aren't in the high paid category anyway. My creditors don't give a damn about my situation only that they get what I owe them.
The unemployment rate in NC is 10.7% higher than its ever been and at this point there is no end in sight. unemployment
Something has got to give....I guess its us the working poor.....

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