Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama "Cool" - The Final Debate

Using the baseball metaphor.....three strikes and your out!!! The third and final debate was last night (thank God) and once again according to all of the polls Obama was the clear winner!!
The Obama Cool factor was was in play and unfortunately old man McCain had no offense or defense against it. The "cool factor" makes Obama impervious to all attacks. The old man even called Obama "eloquent" although he meant it as a backhand compliment (I think he wanted to call him a silver tongue devil) McCain has no defense against his more eloquent opponent, simply because not only can Obama explain his policies and position better but McCain has nothing but the same tired old republican rhetoric "cut taxes and reduce spending" surprise surprise.. Mr McCain guess what? That dog don't hunt no more!!! That ain't going to cut it.
If the best argument you've got is Obama's ties to a sixties revolutionary when Obama was 8 years old.......give it up!! Are you (Mr. McCain) the best the Republicans got??? If so then "Houston you have a problem".
Now all thats left is to wait for the election results. We will see if The economic crisis will trump prejudice. That is say; will white people get over the fear of putting a person of color in the White House because conditions are so bad that they will be willing to vote for someone who does not look like them???
That is the 700 billion dollar question.


  1. Goodness! This bald plumber, I just heard on the radio, owes about $1200 in back taxes.
    And what about "over $250 000" does McCain not understand? Is he just dumb or already senile? I'm sorry, but watching him repeat the same statement over and again, did not make him look smart.
    Also for those who think "rich" people would be punished by paying higher taxes: that is only partly true. Employers in the said income bracket get a break on their contributions for health insurances, for example.
    In a radio show over the weekend, economists have found that people with incomes around $42000 will actually get a $1200 tax return. Incomes around $100 000 would not see any change in their taxes. And those with more than $250000 would pay $ 3900 more. The numbers were based on real life cases -- people who were actually on the radio show. Surprised? Not me ...
    And -- if there is still something left to dig up about Obama's past, why has Mcain/Palin not found it yet? It should not be too diffiult. I mean it souldn't be more difficult than finding out that Sarah Palin has abused her office ...
    It is about time for this campaign to be over.

  2. Hi Raggedy, I agree with everthing you said. Yes this campaign is far too long. That is why I voted today!! I'm done, as far as I'm concerned it is over. My vote is cast in stone!!!!

  3. Now, let's hope your vote counts! lol
    Is your district using computers? We do. And I always have a funny feeling when I am voting.
    Although you have already voted, you have to go on and tell people what the facts are. I hate to see all these accusations being recycled to brainwash the voters.
    We will not see a saint in the White House -- that'll never happen. But we are entitled to have a competent man/woman in this position.

  4. I just had a discussion with one of my co-workers on this point about whether or not the early vote actually counts. i am trusting the system that the early votes are in a "cue" that is counted on election day.
    As for the facts I subscribe to and they, almost daily, issue an email setting the facts straight from both candidates.