Monday, August 11, 2008

Isaac Hayes

Another Icon and wonderful voice from the 70's has passed away. Black Moses as he was called was one of my music heroes. He possessed a deep resonant voice that elicited pleading emotions and and a pathos that was very real.
I was extremely saddened when I heard this, I was affected the same way when I heard that "Melvin Franklin" of the Temptations had passed. These voices were once in a lifetime voices and stood for an era that will never be again.
Here is a song that Isaac released on the U-Turn album in 1986. This album has not been released on CD and was not well known. It is quintessential Issac.......a revealing rap/talk with his estranged girlfriend and then the remake of a classic song....."Hey Girl" Girl


  1. Hey! Hey! Hey! What a great idea to mix music and info. Very interesting.


  2. thank you raggedy, it will be a mixture of whatever comes to mind.
    Thanks again.

  3. Would you consider re-uploading this one? I've never had the pleasure of hearing it. Is it easy to transfer LP/Tape/8track to digital? I don't have this album, but if it's any good, I'd buy it and take the 27th try at transferring my LPs to my computer.
    I'll be back, great blog!

  4. I have reposted the link. You will need to copy and paste in your browser.
    The answer to your question is yes its relatively easy ripping albums and converting to mp3 or directly to disc with the proper software.

  5. Ok, I was not expecting the rap at the beginning! Very interesting lead into Hey Girl; natural progression, sure; expected- not so much.
    I think Ike definitely 'Iked' this rendition. I'm more familiar with the Temptations' version (Paul Williams- Legendary!).
    I like the production of this one too .
    Thanks for re-sharing. Isaac Hayes is still one of the GIANTS of music. His expression and interpretation is once-in-a-lifetime and one-of-a-kind.

    And I guess I asked for the brevity of the response on the LP transfer LOL! If it's as easy as you say, I know I'm going to want to kick my self when I figure it out. Thanks :-)